dont let tumblr make you think

  • school isnt important
  • its okay to be rude to your parents
  • its normal to hate everyone
  • self harm and suicide are romantic or great
  • being rude is cute
  • being a female who hits or yells at your boyfriend is woman empowerment
  • depression and other mental illnesses are beautiful
  • grades arent important
  • education isnt important
  • college isnt important
  • smoking is cool
  • drugs are cool

(via capscod)

Happy Father’s Day, dood. You’re always there for me and I’m glad you’re such a great example. (at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch)


I have to rethink my living room… :)


Looking out the incredible knife edge roof on “Wind Drinker” - 5.12b


Climbing the Titanic boulder at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch.

PC: Ian Caple

bucket list climb ^


One smart shrimp!